1. Which countries are English speaking?

English is one of the widespread languages in the world. It is spoken in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and The United Kingdom. English became an international language and is used in different parts of world.


2. Which countries does the United kingdom consist of?

Great Britain comprises England, Wales and Scotland. Together with Northern Ireland it forms The United Kingdom. It includes four nations: the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish. They all differ in their way of life, customs, values and traditions.



3. What are English people like?

English are said to be reserved in manners, dress and speech. They are stick to traditions. They are famous for their politeness, self-discipline, reliability and for their specific sense of humour. They never seem to be in a hurry. On the other hand, the British seldom shake hands when they meet, except when being introduced for the first time. English are fond of animals, garden and sports. They are proud of their houses.

Scotland is a country where special traditions are kept, such as playing bagpipes and wearing kilts- special skirts. The Scottish speak various dialects of English, called Gaelic.

Wales is rich in culture and history. They also speak another language, which is a Celtic language, different from English.

The Irish people are said to be very similar to Slovaks. They are hospitable, friendly, they like music and dancing. Social life concentrates in pubs.


4. What do you know about the United States and Americans?

The USA is home to people mostly of European origin. The people in the USA speak minority and immigrant languages. It is said that Americans are loud, self-conscious and dressed in tasteless clothes. On the other hand, they are friendly, hard-working, independent and open. America is a wealthy country and Americans enjoy high standard of living. It is a typical custom to teach children independence from an early age. Each adult member has his/her own car. Most Americans like travelling and they move their houses more than once in ten years. Nowadays they like taking care of their health. They eat healthier food and drink less alcohol, they do some sports like jogging or skating. In America smoking is banned in some public places.