1. What´s fashion? 

Fashion is the way of dressing that is popular  at the time. Fashion  changes qiute fast but sometimes old fashion returns back with some new details. People who are interested in fashion can be inspired by fashion magazines or shows. Fashion is created by fashion designers. 


2. How is fashion connected with weather? 

In summer we wear light and airy materials, mostly cotton, short sleeves or sleevless shirts, loose blouses, shorts, sandals or flip-flops. When we go swimming we wear a swimming costume and a straw hat or a cap on our head to protect against strong sunshine.

In winter we wear warmer clothes. Long sleeved shirts, sweaters, jumpers, pullovers, jackets, anoraks, coats, gloves, hats, scarves and boots.


3. What´s the difference between formal and informal clothes? 

People dress differently for various occasions. Formal events require formal, elegant clothes like dresses for women, formal shoes on high heels and accessories like a necklace, bracelet, earings, rings. Women usually carry a handbag which should match with a dress or shoes.

Formal clothes for men include a shirt, tuxedo, suit, tie or bow tie and formal shoes.

Informal clothes or casual clothes are worn on everyday occasions and they include T-shirts, jeans, sweatshirts, trainers.


4. Do you agree with the idea of wearing a uniform at school?

Wearing a uniform at school  eliminates the social and financial differences among students. Some students in England hate their uniforms and they would prefer casual clothes. Students in Slovakia don´t have to wear uniforms.

Uniforms are worn in jobs like nurses, doctors, waiters or waitresses, flight attendants, shop assistants, cooks and many others.


5. What´s your favourite way of clothing?

As for casual clothes I like wearing T-shirts, jeans or skirts, pullovers in winter and shorts in summer. I don´t like wearing ...... and I really can´t stand wearing ...... because ............ .


6. Why is hair an important part of oneˇs image?

Nowadays there is a great freedom  in hairstyles and haircuts. Boys can have long hair or spiky, some of them have their hair dyed. Girls can have highlighted hair or bleached and not only long but also very short.


7. What care do clothes require?

When we buy clothes, we should follow the instructions on the labels. Some clothes mustn´t be washed in the washing machine or on high temperature. If you shrink some clothes, they can become larger. Some clothes need dry cleaning, it means we have to take them to the drycleaner´s  and have them cleaned there because otherwise they would be damaged.

As for washing we should separate white clothes from coloured, so that the white ones weren´t coloured.