1. Say something about your birthplace:

Our birthplace is a town where we were born. It is written in our birth certificate, identity card or passport. It influences us a lot. I was born in Topolcany which is a town in the west of Slovakia near Nitra and Prievidza. Our town has approximately 25 thousand inhabitants and lies on the river of Nitra. In the past there used to be a famous brewery called Topvar. Nowadays we have a large furniture company focusing especially on kitchen furniture called DECODOM and HYZA which is a factory producing poultry.


2. What are the differences among these words: village, town, city?

Village is a rural area out of the town or city where people live mostly in their own houses. They usually grow vegetables and keep domestic animals. Town is bigger than a village but smaller than a city. It includes some smaller factories or companies producing some kinds of goods. Cities are large urban areas crowded by people living in housing estates or skyscrapers, business and shopping centres. They are centres of trade, finance, business, fashion and banking or education. The world best known include New York, London, Tokyo, Paris.


3. Which are the most beautiful places in Slovakia?

Slovakia is famous for its caves, beautiful mountains like High Tatras or The National Park of Low Tatras, waterfalls, castles and thermal springs. These are places for spending active holidays. The best known caves are Demänovska ice cave, Dobsinska ice cave and water springs like Bardejov, Piestany, Sliac, Trencianske Teplice, Turcianske Teplice. These towns are well-known spa towns in Slovakia. The most beautiful castles can be found in Bojnice, Orava? Spis, Trencin, Zvolen and many others. 

Slovakia is famous for its traditions and culture. The folklore festivals of folk songs and dances in Detva and Vychodna reflect this heritage. Mining history in towns such as Kremnica and Banska Stiavnica is also an important part of Slovak history.