1. ročník- Nadstavbové štúdium


Nasledujúce témy, presne šesť, budú predmetom polročného skúšania. 


  3. What does a family mean to you?

A family  consists of a mother, father and children. They share the same values and live together in one house.It is the most important social group. The family provides protection, education, socialization and care. A good family has  strong relationships. Human needs, such as love, protection, responsibility and support are fulfilled in families.

However not all children live with their parents. Those, who don´t have parents are orphans or abandoned children.


  1. What is the main role of parents? 

All family members have specific roles, various duties and responsibilities. Women usually take care of children, cook, clean and men earn the living but nowadays the roles are sometimes changed. In some cases, men take care of children and women work even when a child is born. The main role of parents is to raise their children.Parents should teach their children how to differentiate between good and bad, how to solve problems , how to become an independent person. Good parents lead a dialogue with their children and respect their opinion. Children then feel safe with their parents, they can be open and honest.


  1. What is a generation gap?

If the parents are too strict and they do not look for compromises, it leads to a generation gap between parents and their children. Generation gaps can cause number of serious disagreements and problems.


  1. What is a wedding?

A wedding is a formal act that takes place in a town hall or in a church where the engaged couple exchange their wedding rings and promise to live together in bad and good times. The woman is called a bride and the man is called a bridegroom.


  1. What are the main reasons for divorce?

Sometimes married couples can get divorced, it means they stop living together.

The common reasons for divorce are different interests, lack of faith and trust, financial reasons, living with parents and parents in law, addiction to alcohol, drugs, gambling and unemployment.


  1. Describe your own family. (sem si vpíšte niekoľkými vetami opis vašej rodiny. K jednotlivým členom napíšte ako vyzerajú, aké majú vlastnosti a koníčky) Pomôžem na konzultáciach, ak by bol problém.


  1. Who are single parents?
  2. They are without a partner. They raise their children alone mainly because they think that marriage is not their way of life.
  4. How do you imagine your future partner?

      My future partner should be (môj partner/ka by mal(a) byť/je aký? vlastnosti)



      On the other hand he/she shouldn´t be (môj partner/ka by nemal(a) byť/ nie ja aký? zlé vlastnosti)



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