1. What books do children start with?

Young children can´t read so they start reading books with pictures, usually fairy tales or animal stories. When they are a bit older, their parents can read for them before they go to sleep. Children love fairy tales and when the book is illustrated they like observing pictures and keep asking questions. Fairy tales teach children to differentiate between good and bad heroes. They teach them to think in a positive way because the stories have a happy end. The best known books for children in Slovakia are 

My favourite books when I was a child were: ....................................................


2. What do teenagers like reading?

School children and teenagers read a lot, especially for school but they also have a wide choice of other titles and variety of genres they can choose from. Favourite genres are: detective stories, romantic stories, adventure stories, comic books, science fiction, books of travel and some teenagers like also biographies or historical novels. 

Nowadays people can buy not only Slovak books but also books written in English or other foreign languages so they can improve their language skills while reading. 


3. How can literature be divided?

Literature can be divided into two categories: non-fiction  and fiction books. Non-fiction books are good for infomation. They are textbooks, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, biographies, autobiographies and memoirs, self-help books, travel/history/art books and, finally, cookery books.
Fiction books are about imaginary people or events. They can be adventurous, romantic, crime/spy novels, westerns, thrillers, science fiction, short stories,mysteries.
 People who are keen on poetry can read poems by famous poets in books of poetry.


4. What is reading good for?

People can find different information in books but reading also supports communicative skills and enlarges vocabulary.



5. Where can one get a book from?

Libraries store books, magazines and newspapers and you may be sure you´ll be able to find almost any book you need there. If you want to borrow books from a library, you should get a library card.

If you want to own a book, you can buy them in a bookshop or via the Internet. Older books can be bought


6. What´s your attitude to books?

I like reading books. It is my favourite leisure activity. I have read many books in my life. I prefer ……………….. /fiction / non-fiction/. My favourite books are encyclopaedias because I like to learn about the human history, the nature, animals or important inventions. Sometimes I read novels, especially spy and crime novels that have a complicated plot. They usually investigate a murder. I don’t like romantic novels - I think that they are boring.
I don’t like reading books. I only read books when I have to read them for school. I think that books are boring. I prefer playing football or watching TV. But sometimes I read encyclopaedias about animals because I like wild life. But not very often.


7. What´s your favourite book?

My favourite book is …………………….  It is a …………………….. /love story, crime story, spy novel…/ I have read it many times. It is about …………………. I got it as a present for my birthday / I borrowed it from the library / my friend gave it to me.

It´s about .....

The main hero is ....
I don’t have a favourite book because I don’t like reading books. It takes a long time to read a book. I prefer watching TV or reading newspapers and magazines because they contain a lot of information and I can read about what happens in the world now.


Every year, the Nobel Prize for Literature is awarded to the writer whose work of fiction is considered unique and great. For example E. Hemingway, J. Steinbeck are the Nobel Prize winners.