1. Where is Slovakia situated?

Slovakia is an independent state situated in Central Europe. It is bordered by the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, the Ukraine and by Poland. Slovakia is often called "heart of Europe". It has much to offer including old towns, castles, waterfalls, mountains, spa or ski resorts.

The national flag consists of three horizontal stripes: white, blue and red. On the left half of the flag there is the state emblem of the Slovak Republic – it is a double cross with mountains in the backround (these mountains are Tatra, Matra and Fatra).


2. Are there any interesting places to visit in Slovakia?

Slovakia is a marvellous country with rich history and traditions. Tourists can go to national parks or protected regions such as High Tatras, The Low Tatras, the Fatras or Slovak Paradise. These mountains are full of wonderful natural beauties, valleys, peaks, caves and waterfalls. The best known caves are Demänovska ice cave, Dobsinska ice cave.

Water springs like Bardejov, Piestany, Sliac, Trencianske Teplice, Turcianske Teplice are also very well known and many foreign tourists come here to cure their diseases. The most beautiful castles can be found in Bojnice, Orava, Spis, Trencin, Zvolen and many others. Castles  offer numerous picturesque scenes.

Slovakia has a lot of rivers. The Váh is the longest river and the Danube is the biggest one. The Slovak climate is mild. The most typical feature of the climate is the alternation of four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter).


3. What is the capital of Slovakia?

The capital Of Slovak republic is Bratislava. It is a city situated in the south-western part of the country and The river Danube flows through the city. It´s a historical city with numerous sightseeings and places of interest which can offer much even to demanding visitors. As for culture it offers different exhibitions, theatre performances and art exhibitions, 3D cinemas and number of events or meetings.


4. What are Slovaks like?

Slovaks are said to be hospitable, hard-working and willing to help. Other nations often say that Slovaks underestimate themselves. Slovaks  have tight family relationships and parents take care of their children even when they are grown-up. Young Slovaks often travel abroad to find better paid jobs while old Slovaks prefer staying at home and taking care of their gardens and domestic animals. Slovaks are modest and very peaceful people.


5. What food and drinks are typical for Slovakia?

Every region has its own meals which are typical for people living there but in general, the most typical meal in Slovakia is called bryndzove halusky- potato dumplings, which consists of gnocchi with sheep cheese. It is often served with fried bacon or sausages. At Christmas and Easter there are some traditional meals which include mushroom soup or cabbage soup and fried fish with potato salad at Christmas and ham with eggs is served at Easter. Typical alcoholic drinks include borovicka- juniper gin and beer is also favourite.