1. Who are heroes and what qualities do heroes have?

Heroes are people of very positive traits who did or do something special.They either saved someone´s life or take care of abandoned people or they defended their country during the war or they also can be volunteers working somewhere abroad. Heroes are brave, courageous, always ready to help, energetic and often very human and charismatic.


2. Who are celebrities?

Celebrities are people who are unique such as doctors, scientists, writers, sportsmen or sportswomen. During their lives they influenced other people in positive way or they invented some important cure which can improve other   people´s health or they came up with some useful machines that make life more comfortable and easier.

On the other hand nowadays mass media have the power to produce new kinds of celebrities or idols. They broadcast shows or publish articles about reality show contestants and make them popular.


3. Who do you admire and why?

People usually admire those who they know well like their relatives and then those who are exceptional in some way: sportsmen or talented actors, singers, directors and people who are very successful with their jobs.

I admire my mum for her ability to do so many jobs in the household but also for her great character and for her immense will to help.

Every year in our country people who acted bravely in difficult situations and were nominated are awarded with the title of "the bravest act of the year". They are ordinary people who saved somebody´s life or did some brave act which required a lot of courage. I´m convinced that these are real celebrities and heroes not those who become popular in reality shows.


4. What traits would you like to have?

I think that the best traits one can have are sense of humour because it helps make friends. It´s also necessary to be honest, reliable, smart, courageous, polite, helpful.

As for me, I´d like to be ...


5. Have you ever met somebody famous?

From time to time I meet well-known people like actors or singers. A few years ago I met XY but I´d like to meet people like: ... and ask them some interesting questions.


6. Who are fictional heroes?

Fictional heroes are characters from books or films. Some of them possess superhuman characteristics, they are strong, brave and wise and usually beautiful or handsome. They can have a great influence on people or children who can copy their image or behaviour.