Multicultural society


  1. What does „multiculturalism“ mean?

Multiculturalism describes a society composed of different cultural groups which try to preserve their unique cultures. Multiculturalism includes dual citizenship, use of minority languages and it supports their cultures. Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom are typical multicultural countries.


  1. Define the situation in our country.

The majority of the population is Slovak. The country also has several minorities- Hungarian, Roma, Ruthenian and Ukrainian. A minority is an ethnic, racial, religious or other group forming a whole which is different from the majority of the population in a country. The most problematic minority is the Roma population.


  1. How can one profit from cultural exchanges?

When people  start travelling, they find out that it is necessary to speak foreign languages. They learn about othe cultures, find new friends, get more tolerant and they realise that they don´t have to be worried about the differences among people. Number od Slovaks have decided to live abroad. They got married and they have bicultural families. They work abroad and sometimes they get a new qualification.


  1. What can lack of cultural integration cause?

The lack of cultural integration leads to the isolation of immigrant minorities. This can provoke reactions of xenophobia and racism. These can cause violent conflicts and clashes. In the recent years we have seen several serious cultural and religious clashes in the form of terrorist attacks in the USA, the UK and other countries.


  1. Name some public holidays in Britain and the USA.

Public holidays are called „bank holidays“ in the UK because all the banks and offices are closed. They are: New Years Day, Good Friday and Easter Monday, Whit Monday, August Bank  Holiday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. The oldest American holiday is Thanksgiving day celebrated in November.


  1. Describe Easter, Christmas, New Year´s Eve, St. Valentine´s Day.

Easter is the most important feast for all Christians because it celebrates the time when Jesus  rose from the dead on the third day after his crucifixion. His resurrection is celebrated on Easter Sunday. Easter custums vary across the Christan world but decorating eggs is the most often one.

Christmas is the most beautiful of all holidays. Houses, streets and trees are decorated by lights and candles. People cook special Christmas menu. Most families eat mushroom soup and fish with potatoes. Christmas carols are sung almost everywhere and people are given presents. In the UK people eat stuffed turkey and Christmas pudding.

New Year´s Eve (December 31st) is not a public holiday, people usually go to work but they stay up till midnight to see the New Year coming and to watch the fireworks.

On the 14th February people celebrate the St. Valentine´s Day. Lovers and friends send one another greeting cards expressing their love or friendship. The holiday is becoming more and more popular in our country especially among young.