1. What does human relationship describe?

Human relationships describe the way how people get on with each other and how they behave. The way how they treat each other.

  1. What types of informal relationships do you know?

Informal relationships are created between parents, children, married couples, friends, classmates. They are usually very deep and open, based on love and understanding.

  1. What are some of the formal relationships?

Formal relationships are formed between men and women, employers and emploees, teachers and students. They aren´t deep and as open as informal relationships. However they require respect and politeness.

  1. What is your relationship with your parents like?

I think that I get on well with all members of my family. My parents treat me as an adult because I am responsible and honest. When I have a problem I always try to speak about it and I can rely on my family  because they are always ready to help me.

  1. What qualities can help people have a full-valued relationship?

Nowadays human relationships are very complicated because people are busy and tired. A full-valued relationships depend on understanding, trust, care, politeness, satisfaction and empathy.

  1. What are marriages and why are they important?

Marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman who are husband and wife. They create a family which is the basic and also the most important unit for bringing children up. Parents influence their children in many different aspects. They not only support children financially but especially emotionally.

  1. What are the common reasons for divorce?

Normally two people get married because they want to spend their whole life together. However, after some time they may find out that their relationship is weakened, that there is a lack of faith between them. The statistics shows that the high rate of divorce is caused by financial problems and dependence on alcohol, drugs, gambling.

  1. What makes marriage last?

A happy marriage represents the ideal human relationships in which each partner feels free and loved. Similar values, ethnic backgrounds, interests, religions and lifestyles are also important for a long lasting marriage. Couples who can discuss honestly whatever is relevant , are happier and more satisfied. Happy couples are able to argue calmly, they listen to each other with respect and try to solve problems.

  1. Define friendship and the expression „real friend“.

Friendship is a relationship between people who have something in common, spend a lot of time together, support and help each other. Friends are people who laugh together, speak about everything and share secrets. They accept each other as they are. „A friend in need is a friend indeed“ shows the full value of friendship. A real friend should be honest, reliable and caring, always ready to help.

  1. Why do some friendships end?

Some friendships last For a long time, some for a short time. If we want to keep our friends for a long time, we should stay in touch with them, send e-mails, call them and meet on different occasions. When friends stop contacting each other or when there are some conflicts between them, the friendship can die out.