1. How can sports be divided? Give some examples.

Sports can be divided into indoor and outdoor sports. Indoor sports are gymnastics, table tennis, basketball, handball and outdoor sports include athletics- long distance run, cross country run, relay race, hurdles, jumping, throwing (hammer, discus, javelin), cycling, water skiing, swimming.

  1. What are games? Give some examples.

Games are those sports in which at least two players are involved. The most popular ones are football, rugby, ice hockey, tennis, basketball, volleyball, golf.

  1. What sports were invented in Britain?

British are really sport-loving people so some of the games spread all over the world from there. Football, rugby, golf and tennis were originated in Britain.

  1. What sports are Slovaks good at?

Slovaks are good at ice hockey. A lot of Slovak ice hockey players play in American and Canadian National Hockey League. Their best success was in 2002 when the Slovak team became the winner  of the World Cup of Hockey. Our hockey players have a lot of fans including girls and women who enjoy watching hockey in the stadium and on TV.

  1. Why do people do sports? What are the advantages of doing some kind of sports?

Most people do sports because they need to relax and they want to keep fit. Some sport activities like aerobics, jogging, swimming or body building are good for losing weight. Parents believe that doing a sport is a good way of spending free time for their children and it develops their character, too. It is important to learn to accept defeat when the team loses.

  1. What are the most important sport events?

Two of the most important sport events are Summer and Winter Olympic Games which are held every four years in a different country. World Cup of Hockey, Champion League, Wimbledon also belong to the best known and are watched by number of people all around the world.

  1. What do you know about the Olympic Games?

The Olympic Games first took place in ancient Greece. Pierre de Coubertin revived the idea and became the founder of the modern Olympic Games. Some of the Olympic symbols are: the Olympic rings- they are of five colours and each stands for one continent. Together they represent the unity of the world. The Olympic Flag, anthem and flame are also important symbols. The Olympic creed says: „It is not important to win but to take part.“

Only the best sportsmen and sportswomen can represent their country in the Olympic Games and for them it is a great honour. They live in the Olympic village and if they succeed they win a medal. In ancient Greece sportmen were given an olive wreath.

  1. What is your attitude to sports?